About Me

I am Language and Literature trained teacher. I have started my career over 20 years ago. After a few years spent as a French Teacher in a public high-school from Bucharest, Romania, as I like challenges, I shifted Adult Language Training, more precisely, corporate language trainings. Back that time, my trainees were quite surprised, embarrassed, shy when they were attending my language trainings: ”I am an adult? Can I still learn?”, ”Foreign Languages are for children!”. ”Yes, of course you can!”, ”I am not good at languages!”, ”No matter what I do, it never works!”. I got amazing results and their eyes shinning when being able to profess in French, English or Romanian always gave me the strength to continue my journey and to improve myself.


But, sometimes, I was feeling frustrated because despite my experience, amazing results my CEOs, executives and high-achieving professionals, their teams and individuals were obtaining, I had the feeling that something was still missing, especially when they were facing blockages, barriers, or or bad past learning experiences. Or when their perfectionism or introvertism was holding them back from expressing themselves at their real potential. The road was not as smooth as I wished.


I was searching to add that missing spark to my trainings. To better support my clients, to partner with them for business, career, language& personal development. And help them to change their mindset and turn their blockages in impactful and successful written or spoken pieces of communication.


And I found the spark I was looking for: in April, 2020, I become a Neurolanguage CoachOne year later, I became an Advanced Neurolanguage Coach, certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  At the moment, I am a Professional Neurolanguage Coach and a Licensed NLC Teacher Trainer.


For me, coaching is ”the universal language of change and learning” (CNN). Becoming a coach and shifting coaching allowed me to improve my listening skills, learn how to stretch and provoc my clients, soar my skills and add new ones, better unlocking and maximise the potential of my clients, encourage and support them in their learning journey, develop better and customised materials closely following the likes and the goals of the coachees, their interests, their pace, the type of learner they are. A content that speaks only to them and keeps them motivated.


I can better guide and partner with my coachees when coaching around blockages, limiting beliefs or when their motivation or confidence are not in place!

Blending the principles of the Neuroscience and explaining these principles to my clients:


My aim is not only to change a game, but to change a life and a career!


Why? Because Neurolanguage Coaching is a partnership. I adore connecting and building partnerships with my coachees. Language&communication growth blended with life&professional growth.


Plus a great return to investment.


Say goodbye to the classroom, student books, irelevant content and say hello to a brain friendly, efficient, learner centred English&French language learning that gives instant results.


You move from STRUGGLE to thrive, it shortens the learning curve and you avoid massively investing in courses and find you, or your teams always in the same point.


Your French&English become productive, strategic and profitable! And you find your own voice so that you can use it with confidence, joy and impact. And reach the next level of succes&confidence! Through Coaching and Neuroscience technics.