Corporate Coaching

Workshops & Programmes

for Driven Leaders, Sales Teams and Corporate Professionals

transcending barriers into multicultural environments, tapping into your untapped English or French Sales Communication potential, breaking through your Fears, Limiting Beliefs &Blockages and discover new levels of confidence and self-expression for higher return to investment

baked up with Neuroscience Technics&Coaching

Communicate Smarter

We help you anticipate what could get in your way, solve the problem before it becomes one and prioritise your attention. 

Think Bigger&Faster

”What do you want?” Answering this question is the First Step to Making Big and Fast happen. We support you to determine what you need to do to remain in the flow and laser focused on the English/French that will make the outcome a reality.  

Achieve outsized results

We help you to adopt and apply the tools of your Fearless Flow and a proven methodology which has proven successful for hundreds of clients. Trust in your own abilities and see your sucess

Team Effectiveness&Synergy

Galvanise your team communication and equip them with what they need to achieve their goals with our team coaching and development workshops. These services target powerful points of growth and will send your team into the global world with greater confidence, skill, cohesion and culturally aware. 

Our process

Free Discovery

Let's talk so we can understand your specific needs&objectives allowing us to make tailored recommendations, programmes and workshops. 

Personalised Recommendations

After conducting throughout assessment, we will provide you with customised recommendations and strategies that are specifically designed to help you achieve your goals.


We take great care in creating the programme or the workshop that perfectly matches your unique requirements, experiencing an experience that feels natural and effortless. 

Continuous Guidance
and Support

Our dedicated coach and team will be there for you every step of the way offering ongoing guidance and support throughout your language&communication development. We regularly solicit feedback to understand how to serve you better, address any challenges, and ensure a significant return to investment.

that can be covered:


Workshops are delivered over a period of 1 to 5 days  

Programmes length varies from 10 to 12 weeks

Besides the topics above, workshops and programmes can be crafted according to your needs and activity fields: from language on specific purposes to brain friendly Grammar and addressing fears, blockages, limiting beliefs or interculturality. Workshops and Programmes are delivered in English&French.



In Company Workshops & Programmes

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